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Anne of Green Gables


Author: L.M. Montgomery

Pages: 284 (Paperback)

Publisher: Editorial Toromítico

Release Date: 1908

Source: I bought this book myself

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“Anne of Green Gables”, by L.M. Montgomery, was a great book. I actually read this book in the Spanish version, which had amazing illustrations. It was lovely to see the dreamy, young Anne become a woman, without ever giving up on her imagination.

I really found a connection between me and Anne, I think that we are so alike, and her way of seeing the world as an amazing place, despite the pain and the injustice, inspired me to be even more optimistic. Anne taught me to never give up, to not be afraid of making mistakes as I could always learn from them, and always be myself, despite what others think. Also, I think that Montgomery described the setting beautifully (it was exactly the dream village where I wished to leave). I absolutely recommend this book to everyone, especially if you are still in your teenage years, as it will help you find within you the strength needed to conquer any obstacles.

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