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Anne of the Island


Author: L.M. Montgomery

Pages: 284 (Paperback)

Publisher: Editorial Toromítico

Release Date: 1915

Source: I bought this book myself

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I just finished “Anne of the Island”, by L.M. Montgomery, and I am still trying to put my feelings back together.

In my opinion, I think this as so far the best book in the series (keep in mind that I still haven’t read all the others after this one). Of course that I loved to see Anne as a young girl and I laughed out loud with all her shenanigans, but taking into account that I am also going to university this year, I felt even more connected with Anne. I did get to learn about the fear of the first weeks and how easily we can feel out of place, but the friendship between Anne, Stella, Pris, Phil and the sweet Aun Jamesina made all the struggles worth it. It was also fun (and slightly annoying) to watch Anne as she struggled to find her prince: Roy or Gilbert? Sometimes I actually thought that she was even more indecisive than Philippa! However, in the end she did make the right choice (I’m not pointing any fingers!) and, although she sometimes felt a bit out of place in Avonlea as everyone grew older and more distant from her, immersed in their own lives (including Diana), I’m sure that she couldn’t have made a better decision!

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