Book Reviews

Children of Swan #1


Author: Coral Walker

Pages: 243 (Ebook)

Release Date: February 8, 2016

Source: I bought this book myself, but received payment in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.



“Children of Swan: The Land of Taron, Vol 1”, written by Coral Walker, follows the story of Jack and Brianna as they search for their missing parents (who disappeared from their bedroom in strange circumstances) and their abducted little-brother in the land of Taron.

At first, the book seems to begin as a children’s story that rapidly turns into a confusing sci-fi tale. Most of the time I could not understand what was exactly going on (especially in the first quarter of the story) and I believe the book lacked in depth. The descriptions were hollow making it quite hard to imagine the mysterious lands of Cygnore and Taron. Additionally, most events seemed rather unbelievable, mainly due to character’s reactions: in situations were I would be crying in fear, we find Jack casually grinning because his sister dancing is funny enough to make him forget the fact that he is in an arena and about to be killed. The reactions of Jack and Brianna and the relationship between them sometimes don’t seem proper for sixteen-year-old teens.

I find it hard to categorise “Children of Swan” as a Young Adult’s book due to the rather childish beginning of the book and characters’ personalities. However, when the siblings arrive in Taron, the story becomes suddenly very violent and bloody, which obviously tells me that this isn’t proper for children either.

Nevertheless, the book does propel you to read on, especially because the sense of danger and suspense makes you want to find out if they are going to get out of that mess, and if they are really going to be able to save their parents. Or maybe I was already so tired of this book I couldn’t wait to finish it. Coral masterfully ends the book with an amazing cliff-hanger planting in you the seed of curiosity and inciting you to read the following books. I’m not sure if I will, though.

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