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Oklahoma Winds

oklahoma-windsAuthor: Cary G. Osborne

Pages: 194 (Ebook)

Publisher: Crossroad Press

Release Date: March 1, 2016

Source: I bought this book myself, but received payment in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.

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Like most crime stories, “Oklahoma Winds: A Sydney St. John Mystery”, written by Cary Osborne, is rather tedious at first. I’m sure that most readers aren’t very enthusiastic about the processes of archiving (at least I’m not) and this book surely didn’t lack those kinds of descriptions, not to mention the lengthily accounts of the weather and, occasionally, of the food. Additionally, sometimes the story seemed to drag on, focusing on facts that appeared irrelevant, but trust me, THEY ARE NOT! If you manage to read halfway into the book, then you won’t want to stop afterwards.

The story picks up the pace and we are suddenly face to face with life-or-death situations which make everything much more exciting. We even get a healthy combination of romance, with a bit of suspicion on the side, which I think enhances the plot wonderfully. And remember those “irrelevant” facts? Hold on to them because they will be needed at the end. I did get just slightly disappointed with the resolution of this crime because I think that the last chapter was a bit too quick on the explanations, but maybe I’m being too critical already!

Overall, I did like this book and, although it was a bit hard to get it startedby the end I was already on the edge of my seat. It you are a “Mystery & Thriller” enthusiast, then I am sure that you will find this book interesting.

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