Book Reviews

In Black & White



Author: Catherine Lavender


Release Date: 2016

Source: I bought this book myself, but received payment in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.



In Black & White”, written by Catherine Lavender, follows the story of Micah as her life is turned upside down at the death of her biological father, a man she never knew. After spending all her life convinced that her father had abandoned her mother, Micah soon discovers that there is more to it. Micah was the result of a romance between two star-crossed lovers who could never have the future they yearned for as interracial relationships were strictly forbidden in the 20th century. Little by little, the reader finds out the details of their separation at the same time that Micah is torn between selling her father’s estate or accepting it as her new home.

Although it is a fairly short novel, the writing seemed to drag on at some parts, especially in the beginning. Additionally, some punctuation errors and the frequent alterations in tense (from past tense to present tense) in the same paragraph degraded the reading experience.

Nevertheless, “In Black & White” is still an interesting novel that combines a beautiful tale of a forbidden love with a contemporary romance between two people in their fifties. I enjoyed watching Micah as she came to terms with her past and, by the end of the book, the plot also thickens and becomes more intriguing, compelling the reader to keep turning the pages. The unexpected twist as the mystery is solved and the warm, happy ending make it worth it.

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