Book Reviews

Comet Dust

comet-dustAuthor: C.D. Verhoff

Pages: 345 (Ebook)

Publisher: Misty Moon Media

Release Date: August 1, 2016

Source: I bought this book myself, but received payment in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.



After Comet Yomogi struck Earth, nothing was ever the same. The atmosphere was filled with a brownish dust, the Pope was killed, the Neuists took over Europe and Gina Applegate is not ignorant to it. Living in the Generation of Fading Light, Gina documents her experiences in her vlog, recording the increasing violence and fear that possess people’s lives. With only 21 years old, she already had her fair share of loss and grief which, little by little, made her lose her faith in God. When she finally sees herself in His eyes, she feels ashamed: why does God hate her? But the Days of Darkness are approaching and faith is the only thing that will help her survive.

“Comet Dust”, written by C.D.Verhoff, is an apocalyptic Christian novel that borrows from passages of Scriptures and revelations of saints, creating an action-packed story of the End of the Times. There was always something thrilling going on, which made “Comet Dust” a very quick and interesting read. I also enjoyed the list of prophecies provided by the author on the end of the book since you can see where she found her inspiration.

Gina is one of those characters that one can easily identify with. She is modern and the fact that she vlogs about this new era gives a whole new depth to her. She is also flawed and that is the most important part – she is a sinner like the rest of us. When she received The Warning, she knew for sure that she was doomed, but God had other plans. I especially liked the way the priest explained to her the meaning of this revelation and that there was still the possibility of redemption.

I did find the story a bit pessimistic and gloomy at times, especially after what happened to Gina’s family and the attach of the Neuists. However, I suppose that a depressing setting is needed for an apocalyptic novel. I also didn’t really like the way she seemed to make fun of The Tattered Man in her vlog and how she often joked with serious matters, but I enjoyed seeing her develop into a more conscious and responsible human being.

The most important message about “Comet Dust” is that one can always find redemption and that God wants to save us, regardless of how many times we push him away. Although Verhoff uses the prophecies of the End of the World to illustrate this, the truth is that the end truly comes when one dies and we should always be at peace with our choices when that time comes. I liked reading “Comet Dust” and I think that it is a book that helps us see God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary and religion itself through other eyes – the eyes of a sinner who found redemption.

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