Book Reviews

SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable

seerAuthor: Eli Bloom

Pages: 264 (Ebook)

Publisher: Kwill Books

Release Date: August 8, 2016

Source: I bought this book myself, but received payment in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.



Grace Fable, “Gray” for family, has seen ghosts since she was six. Now, with fifteen-years-old, she and her dad move to his girlfriend’s house, which forces Grace to attend Willowbrook High School. This was the scene of a school shooting five-years ago and the place is still haunted by the ghosts of those who passed away on that day. It is Grace’s duty to find peace for the victims and their families at the same time as she struggles to stop another tragedy.

“SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable”, written by Eli Bloom, is an interesting paranormal story written in Grace’s point of view. In fact, the author gives the impression that Grace was actually the one who wrote the book with the aim of immortalizing her story and sharing her knowledge with the world. Her voice is very convincing, portraying an introvert teenage girl that lives her life between ghosts and books, trying to avoid the living as best as she could. However, the two worlds cannot be separated and soon she is forced to divulge her secret.

However, I feel that Grace’s shot to stardom was a bit too sudden. She spent fifteen years without telling anyone that she saw ghosts but three days after meeting Chase she already reveals him her secret. And then, all of a sudden, she is saying it on TV. I believe that the pacing was a bit too fast in this part although I also understand that maybe the author’s aim was to show how quickly situations can get out of control. Additionally, I think that many of Grace’s thoughts were repetitive. It seemed that she was always going on and on about the same things but using different words to describe them, especially when talking about how she made other people feel by divulging her secret. The writing could have been more condensed in these parts. I also thought that sometimes Grace’s reactions were a bit out of place. She was so mature at times but then she would laugh because she remembered the name of a song as a demon was throwing furniture around in her room. I would be trembling and possible crying if my bedroom was being haunted.

Nevertheless, “SEER: The Ghosts of Gray Fable” has a strong message that goes beyond the paranormal. Evil things happen every day, but hatred and fear will only make the situation worst: “Evil is an idea and the way to combat that idea isn’t with more evil, it’s with love.” I think that this is a lesson that everyone should internalise, that the world can be a better place if we fill our lives with positive thoughts.

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