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Hardcover, Paperback or E-book? Take your pick


It’s a hard choice, mainly since they all have pros and cons that, somehow, counterbalance each other. Taking a look at my bookcase, I realized that probably 95% of my books are paperbacks (no, I didn’t do the math :p), but is this a clear proof of my preference for this kind of books or did it happen by chance?

To try to answer this question, I’m going to take you through a “tour” of each type of book.


I love hardcovers – who doesn’t? They are the classic type of book, the ones you see in those black-and-white movies and, for vintage-spirits like me, they certainly feel ancient and awesome! Not to mention the fact that they are super durable so they can easily withstand a trip inside your cramped handbag. Well, they will if you don’t take their book jackets. Book Jackets… I hate them! Ok, maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but they certainly annoy me. I like my books perfect, like they weren’t even used. I have several friends who think absolutely the opposite – the more worn a book is, the more it shows that you love it. I do agree with that a bit – it certainly shows that you read it over and over again, but I still love it when they look almost brand new. And that is when the book jackets destroy my fairytale world. Somehow, they always end up torn at the edges. The solution: take them off while you’re reading the book. However, the cover itself is usually quite dull without the book jackets. Some are completely black even! I think we should create a petition to force publishers to make hardcovers exactly equal to the book jackets. Who supports me? *a bunch of hands are thrown in the air* Thank you dear followers for your support!

Yes, hardcovers are the sturdiest type of book out there meaning no cracked book spines. Yay to a perfect world! Also, there’s a much lower chance that the book will close on you when you’re distracted. How long would you spend looking for that page again? However, hardcovers are heavy to carry around and worst of all, they are expensive, much more expensive than paperbacks and e-books. Oh well, pretty things never come cheap…


This is certainly the most famous type of book. Bookshops are crowded with paperbacks and I’m sure that if you inspect your bookcase you’ll also arrive to the same conclusion as I have: they are the dominant species. Why? First of all: price. When you can get a paperback by half the price of a hardcover, why even thing more about it? Grab the paperback and get out of there! Second: flexibility. I often try to be a nice girl and open the book evenly, but there are days when I just can’t help but fold half of it all the way to the back so that only one page is visible. You can’t do this with hardcovers, but in paperbacks it also leads to cracked book spines – you already know how I feel about those. Paperbacks are also lighter than hardcovers so they are more shoulder-friendly to carry around in your bag. But then – DISASTER! The pages are all creased, some even torn. It is time to cry over the death of your book. Although paperbacks are the dominant species, they still have a very short lifespan *cry cry*


The books of the modern age who will wipe out any stories written on paper. For some time, e-books were the bad guys of the publishing industry, but even they surrendered to them. E-books are great! They are much more practical than any other kind of book mainly because you can have an enormous digital bookshelf than won’t weigh any more than your tablet. This makes e-books the most portable type of books, not to mention that they are the cheapest as well. Better even, they have “built-in” dictionaries. Remember those times when you didn’t know a word in a book? You had to get up from your cozy reading nook, find a dictionary even heavier than the book you were reading and search through endless pages for the word you were looking for. Well, with e-books you can just press the word you have never heard of and a definition suddenly appears before you. You can even highlight sentences without ruining the perfect pages of your book. Yes, e-books look like a win-win, so why are there still paperbacks and hardcovers in the world? Why don’t we close all the bookshops in the world?

The truth is that a traditional book doesn’t run out of battery and you don’t have social media pop-ups constantly trying to divert your attention from your reading. I also thing that the glare of a screen tires your eyes much quicker. But the most important reason is that tablets don’t smell like books or feel like books. Every bookworm surely knows what I’m talking about: they should make candles scented like ink and paper. I love the smell of new books, I love the smell of old books… Yup, I love the smell of books. And then there is the feeling of the pages between your fingers. It is even worth the paper cuts.


I’m sure some of you are screaming WHY DIDN’T YOU INCLUDE THEM IN THE TITLE? The answer is: I never tried an audiobook. This means that it isn’t really fair for me to talk about them, but I didn’t want to exclude them from this post, so I’m going to tell you why I never dared to try one. Basically, my attention-span is short. Yes, I can read for hours on end, but I’d grow mad if I had to listen to someone speak on and on and on. I can’t, I just can’t! Most of the story would drift past me and I would make no sense of it. I’m sorry, but audiobooks are not for me and I will speak of them no more.

So, do I prefer paperbacks? Actually, I think I’m more of a hardcover person(without the book jackets of course :p). Unfortunately, these are a minority in my bookshelf because the universe conspired against me. Basically, it is a combination of hardcovers’ high prices and the large availability of paperbacks on bookshopsthat makes me opt for the cheaper cousin. What about e-books? Yes, I read them frequently, but they will never win my heart #sorrynotsorry. I’m a vintage soul at heart and physical books will always be my babes!

What about you? Tell me down below what’s your favorite book type and why. Can’t wait to know what you think!

Watch your step, or you may fall down the reading hole!

6 thoughts on “Hardcover, Paperback or E-book? Take your pick

  1. Hmm, I really like to have physical copies of things. I think overall I prefer paperbacks because they're cheaper and I like to see the signs of wear easier. But I won't say no to a hardcover. I found Throne of Glass in hardcover for only $3 more dollars than the paperback so it went straight into my basket.


  2. If I'm going to be honest, I prefer paperbacks, followed by ebooks, followed by audiobooks and lastly hardbacks. I have quite weak arms so holding a hardback is quite a chore for me, their only advantage is that they're very sturdy and durable so I can pop them in my bag and not worry about ruining them.
    Audiobooks are really good when you have a relatively long commute which doesn't allow you to hold up a book, in my case that's a crowded subway cart and walking to and from the subway.
    Ebooks are so easy to read but they can never top the good ol' paperback. They are by far my favorites :)

    Loved reading you post, by the way!


  3. Thanks for your comment! It's always so nice when people say they like my posts :p
    I also agree that hardbacks can be quite heavy and therefore dangerous, especially when they fall on your face while reading! I will try audiobooks someday, but I must admit that it isn't something I'm dying to try.


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