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5 Books Coming Out This Season That I Can’t Wait To Read


Autumn is here – YAY!!! Do you know what that means? Forests stained in oranges and reds, the smell of homemade pies in the air, guys in beanies, warm jackets and NEW BOOKS! As you can see, I pretty much love this season, not to mention the awesome new releases that will delight us during the following months.

I shall now present you, my dear bookworms, with my Top 5 books of this season –  my 2016 autumn babies, as I like to call them :p

#5: THE SUN IS ALSO A STAR by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is also a Star” is the most recent novel by Nicola Yoon, writer of “Everything, Everything” which I most admit I have never read. However, “The Sun is also a Star” – coming out on November 1 – seems to be a really promising story.

It is basically a contemporary romance, which I easily devour, between a girl that believes in science and facts and a boy that believes in love and fate. Polar opposites, don’t you think? What I find really interesting about this book is that she is Jamaican – her family is about to be deported, by the way – and he is Korean. In this book Yoon brings together two very different cultures and I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

The book is written in different POVs and the plot takes place over the course of a single day. I guess this means that there is some kind of instalove – is this a good thing? Depends on how the writer depicts it.

To be honest, I do have some uncertainties regarding this book, but I’m sure it is worth a try!

#4: HOLDING UP THE UNIVERSE by Jennifer Niven

Here is another heart-wrenching story by Jennifer Niven, author of “All The Bright Places”. “Holding Up the Universe” is coming out on October 4 and it promises to be another great contemporary romance.

Basically it revolves around Libby Strout, an overweight girl who recently lost her mother, and Jack Masselin, the cool, charming guy that cannot recognise faces. They felt constantly alone but when they are forced to spend time together because off an evil school game, they soon learn that they need to look no further to find happiness.

I think that “Holding Up the Universe” will be a great read because it talks about bullying, discrimination, topics that we hear about almost everyday, but most importantly because it shows that we shouldn’t let it destroy us, that everyone, regardless of their differences, can achieve happiness and fulfilment. Reading back on what I just wrote, it seems that I’ve seen this story a hundred times before, but I’m still interested in reading it because sometimes it’s not really the plot itself but the way that it is written that makes a book different from the others.

#3:  THE SPY by Paulo Coelho

I absolutely adore Paulo Coelho’s books. I have read several of them such as “The Alchemist” (my all-time favourite – you can check my review here) and “The Devil and Miss Prym”. His books are so quick and easy to read, but they always carry such powerful messages that remain with me for a long time. What I especially like about his writing style is that he uses really simple language, making his message understandable to everyone.

The Spy” is his latest book – it will be released on November 15 –  at it tells the story of Mata Hari. She had no money when she arrived in Paris but soon she became famous by becoming a dancer. However, all this happened during WW1 and Hari’s eccentric lifestyle caught the attention of the authorities. She was arrested and accused of espionage. In this book Paulo Coelho presents her in a different light by telling her story using her own voice through the last letter she wrote.

Something tells me that this book will be super interesting and, if you read my last discussion post on My Top 5 Genres & Their Books, then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Historical Fiction. Can’t wait to get my hands on “The Spy”!

#2: REPLICA by Lauren Oliver

There has been a lot of talk about this book. “Replica” is coming out on October 4 and I’m really excited to read it. This book is basically about clones and it follows the story of Lyra and Gemma. Their stories mirror each other and I’m convinced that they cross each other’s path at some point.

The most exciting thing about his book is that half of it is Lyra’s story and the other half is Gemma’s story. I think that this is really an innovative idea because you can choose to read one story first and then the other or alternate the chapters. I still don’t know which way I’ll choose but I saw from some comments in Goodreads that the way you read it kind of affects your reading experience. Can’t wait to try it!

#1: HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer

I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THIS BOOK! It’s about the Queen of Hearts – what else could you want? To be honest, I never read a book by Marissa Meyer. Yes, that means that I haven’t even touched “The Lunar Chronicles”. Why? I guess that that is a topic for another post, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t read them someday. The thing is: I love “Alice in Wonderland”. It is my favourite fairytale and I can’t wait to see what Meyer does with it.

In “Heartless” – coming out on November 8 – Catherine a.k.a Queen of Hearts  (although she still isn’t queen at the start of the story) dreams of becoming a baker – who would guess that? Yup, for me that is already a major plot twist. Then she falls in love with the court joker, but the King of Hearts is interested in her. Catherine is determined to write her own destiny but since we already know that she becomes the Queen of Hearts then it is obvious that something goes awfully wrong and somehow she is never able to fulfil her dreams. Well, I can’t wait to see how this story ends up! By the way – how awesome is that cover?

What about you? Are then any recent releases that you can’t wait to set your hands on? Tell me all about it down below!

Watch your step, or you may fall down the reading hole!

7 thoughts on “5 Books Coming Out This Season That I Can’t Wait To Read

  1. I absolutely can not wait for Jennifer Niven's new book. I can already feel that I'll be obsessing over it for weeks also I'm still yet to read Everything, Everything but it is on it's way and I'm so exicted since I've heard so many good things about Nicola Yoon. I'll probably love her new one too, the cover is gorgeous! Great post!


  2. I'm excited for Lauren Oliver's too! I've only read Before I Fall from her but it's one of my favorite books. Wasn't interested in the premise of her dystopian series but Replica sounds something more up my alley.


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