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My Top 5 Bookish Blogs


I love blogging, I love my blog. But what is a single blog amidst the 17 456 uncharted oceans of the internet? Okay, that number might not be scientifically correct, but a blog on its own is even smaller than a water droplet. You can have a lot of fun blogging but alone you will probably drown (gosh, that sounded a bit negative didn’t it?). Anyway, I don’t think that it can be that fun at all if you do it on your own. When I started this blog I not only wanted to share with the world my bookish opinions – I doubt I’ll ever reach the whole world but I’m certainly heard by a few bookworms and maybe even some bookdragons – but I also wanted to connect with people that shared my devoted passion for books.

In this past few months I started exchanging opinions and emojis with several bloggers and bookstagrammers and I couldn’t be more happy of belonging to this community. Before creating my blog I think that I felt quite alone in my reading world. Well, me and my mother would sporadically exchange bookish opinions while washing the dishes but I wanted more. I’m always wanting more. That is why I’m sure this will not be the last of this sort of posts. Down below I’ll be sharing my 5 favourite bookish blogs, but bloggers are being born everyday and I’m sure that soon I’ll have a few more favourites that I can’t avoid sharing with you.

Parchment Girl


This blog was created by Kate in 2010. She has created several awesome features in her blog such  The Inkwell where she reviews books, movies, TV shows; MBTI in Fictionwhere every month she highlights 10 fictional characters from each Myers-Briggs type (this is basically the different types of personalities); Author InterviewsBlogger Interviews and a lot more. Go see for yourself, will ya? The other awesome thing about Parchment Girl is that she has several How-To Guides for Book Bloggers. They are really useful, especially for a newbie like me.

Dana and the Books


Dana is the proud creator of Dana and the Books, but I guess you’d already deduced that much. Her reviews are great, but the most amazing thing is that she hosts a lot of awesome book giveaways. Last month she was giving out a copy of A Torch Against the Night! How amazing is that? Another really great thing about Dana is that she has a shop on Redbubble, like me, where she sells really cute bookish things so here’s one more thing we have in common!!!

Bookish Serendipity


Bookish Serendipity, created by Jessica, is a blog with such a clean design that I simply cannot stop admiring it. Jessica is such an active blogger, managing two blogs at the same time, an Etsy shop – she even launched The Fearless Book Blogger Workbook. She’s only fifteen years old so it makes all this even more incredible. Another awesome feature of her blog is that she interviews so many YA authors, MG authors and even book cover designers! Simply awesome!

Lost in Literature


Lost in Literature has a really fun concept because it is co-hosted by Lisa and Becca – two avid bookworms with a gift for reading and photographing (you definitely gotta check their bookstagram). They participate in several book memes such as Waiting on Wednesday or Top Ten Tuesday, they post great book reviews and their are brand reps of several companies that create awesome bookish merchandise so you will see a lot of beautiful photographs with stuff you’ll just want to steal for yourself like candles and bookmarks and totes and all those things indispensable for a bookworm. They also host monthly bookish photo challenges on Instagram which I’m planning to participate in!

Paper Fury


Paper Fury has the most awesome and badass name I’ve seen so far in the book-blogging community. Admit it, it is pretty awesome. You definitely need to check Cait‘s posts, from book reviews, to discussion posts, to lists of creepy books and book tags. Everything is worth a read because she is incredibly hilarious. I find her so funny and sarcastic at the same time that I can’t stop myself from smiling every time I read one of her posts. By the way, her photos are to die for – they’re so rich in items that if I tried that it would look like a hurricane invaded my room and I took a photo of it, but it works so perfectly with her (HOW???). She also co-hosts the Beautiful People Meme with Sky @ Further Up and Further. This is a monthly meme for writers where they post 10 question about characters. Great for character development and certainly amazingly useful. Cait also has an Etsy shop an a Society 6 shop which you definitely need to visit.

These are my top 5 books blogs at the moment, but there are so many others I like that if I talked about all of them I would spend my whole day doing it. Here are some more of them though:
Do you know any other awesome book blogs? Share on the comments down below! I’m always eager to find new bookish souls like me!
Watch your step, or you may fall down the reading hole!

10 thoughts on “My Top 5 Bookish Blogs

  1. Aww thank you for mentioning my blog! I love Paperfury as well, I just can't stop laughing at all her posts. I pimped your blog on my twitter and also pinned this post and stuff aaah ty again~


  2. Wow Janani, that's a funny coincidence. I too think that is great to meet new bloggers which brings me to the fact that I just checked out your blog! Let me tell you – I love your Hogwarts OWL ratings! That's such a cool idea!!!


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