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My Top 5 Bookstagram Accounts


Excited for this week’s post? I surely am! Last week I introduced you to the bookish blogs I venerate and the bloggers I look up to. I am quite new to the blogging business – that doesn’t mean that I’m bad at it! I actually think that I’m quite talented *wink* *wink* Being vain, am I? Well, I’m happy with what I write and that is all I really need to feel fulfilled (and a few more followers on the side). However, with my blog being only a few months old, and can’t stop myself from finding inspiration and guidance in the lairs of my fellow bookworms!

The same has happened with my bookstagram. I created an Instagram account less than a month ago and I must tell you – I sucked at it and kind of still do. I guess that photographing was never my strongest skill – I always get confused with shadows and highlights and I can never get proper lighting or a good background. It is pretty annoying, but I still have a lot of fun doing it, especially in the morning (I enjoy taking my photos early in the day so that I can catch more of the morning light). I walk up and down the house, picking up flowers and candles and trinkets and books from all over the house and carrying them to my bedroom where I just scatter them about the floor. My mum will glance at me and say “You’re taking photos again, are you?”. She’s the best because she always says that all my photos are beautiful even if they look dark or dull or simply awful – what would we do without mums right?

The best thing about bookstagramming is that there is such a large community of awesome bookish photographers that I can’t stop checking my feed every half-an-hour (there are times when I check it every 5 minutes or so but let’s pretend that I’m not that addicted). I truly admire these gods and goddesses of bookstagram and I can’t stop dreaming that someday (some distant day in an impossible future in a far, far, far awayland) I will be like them and have 9K followers. Someday…  Meet my idols, my teachers, the masters of bookstagramming:

@novelpairing by Brittney from Folded Pages Distillery


@eviebookish by Evie, creator of Evie Seo


@oasisgirlmd creator of Hollyvander’s 


@twirlingpages by Alexandra from Twirling Pages68f47-twirling

@lisa_lostinlit by Lisa from  Lost in Literature 


How amazing are their feeds? I wanna be like them *cry* *cry* Well, I’m trying hard and now that I’m participating in the #octbookstagram tag hosted by @readwithmikee and @pagewithaview  I’m getting a lot of good practice – I’ll be a pro in no time, just wait and see.

In the meantime you can check some examples of my feed down below and – who knows? – maybe support a wanna-be bookstagrammer by leaving a follow and some likes *wink* *wink*

My Top 5 Bookstagram Accounts

Thanks my dear bookworms and watch your step, or you may fall down the reading hole!

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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Bookstagram Accounts

  1. Hi Debbie! Thanks for that suggestion! I actually had never heard about Litsy but I just checked it out and it looks rather useful. Right now I work most with Goodreads and it has fulfilled my needs so far so I'm not going to create a Litsy account right away – especially because I'm still a bit overwhelmed with bookstagram and I have a lot of social media to deal with so far. However, it is definitely something to consider in the long term. Thanks again!


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