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Throne of Glass


Author: Sarah J. Maas

Pages: 448 (Paperback)

Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children

Release Date: May 5, 2015

Source: I bought this book myself

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I finally read Throne of Glass and oh, the feels!!! I had to wait a whole day between finishing the book and writing this review just to put my feelings back together.

I’ll try to maintain this review spoiler free for you lot that still haven’t read this awesomeness but let me warn you – I make no promises.


Celaena Sardothien is serving a life sentence in the death camp of Endovier. She is only eighteen and “Adarlan’s most notorious assassin”. However, when Captain Westfall offers her a deal, she has to opt between death or selling her soul to the king, the man she hates the most. Celaena was chosen by the prince to participate in a tournament organised by his father with the aim of becoming the King’s Champion. Nevertheless, she isn’t the only one craving freedom and when someone or something begins killing the other competitors, Celaena has to worry not only with winning the tournament, but also with destroying the evil that has entered the castle walls.


Throne of Glass was an awesome combination of a fantasy novel   with  romance  and  danger  and a bit of whodunnit!

I couldn’t stop turning the pages! The scenes where so action-packed and I always wanted to know what would happen next and when there would be another Celaena-Chaol moment (yup, I ship them a lot – more on that down below).

Celaena was simply awesome. She was only eighteen years old and if it weren’t for her notorious assassin skills, she could be mistaken by an absolutely normal girl. She is obsessed with clothes, she loves reading and dogs, she blushes and her heart skips a beat when she sees a handsome guy. And she is pretty too – that is mentioned a lot by the way! But the best thing about Celaena is her sassiness – she has such a strong temperament and so much confidence (although, like any normal person, she falters as well). Sarah J. Mass managed to create such complex characters that they just seemed to come alive from the pages.

Oh, and the guys… Chaol and Dorian were simply awesome (Chaol was more but more about my obsession for him later)! The most interesting thing about them, in my opinion, was they they both enjoyed reading and that in itself melted my heart.

I also enjoyed the fact that there was a true friendship between two female characters – usually it seems that girls are constantly trying to step over each other, although there is some of that also in Throne of Glass with the court ladies and all. Nehemia is such a strong character, a warrior and she is incredibly smart and cunning. Celaena couldn’t have found herself a better ally.


Throne of Glass was awesome but I can’t really call it perfect or else I would have given it 5 stars, right?

Taking into account that the whole reason why Celaena went to Rifthold in the first place was the competition, I was hoping that the plot would focus a bit more on it. There was only two well detailed scenes depicting two of her Tests plus the final fights, and I was expecting a bit more.

I also think that Sarah J. Maas got a bit distracted in her descriptions, especially regarding fashion. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE CLOTHES – but describing every detail of the various dresses she wore and how her hair was styled and what her shoes were like was just a bit too much. I also think that the writer was a bit too obsessed with beauty – she was always saying how beautiful Celaena was, and how attractive Dorian was and how Celaena finally realised that Chaol was handsome as well. Why does everyone need to be gorgeous? And why did she need to focus on all the times Celaena was wearing a rather revealing nightgown? Okay, we get the idea the first time!


I’M IN LOVE WITH CHAOL! I guess I fell for him from the start and I just have to pour all my feelings out.

I don’t care if Celaena thought Dorian was more attractive (black hair and green eyes aren’t really my type). Chaol’s golden-brown eyes and short chestnut brown hair were allI needed.

But there is more than looks to Chaol. He was so loyal and committed and righteous. He was certainly not as cheeky as Dorian but he was still rather playful with Celaena in an incredibly cute way.

“You’re squirming already,” Chaol said under his breath.

“What time is it?” she whispered, and he pinched her arm.

(…) he poked her leg.

“Pay attention.”

How cute was that? They are constantly doing that, teasing each other and all… The thing about Chaol is that he is so shy that he can in no way express his feelings. I also appreciate the fact that, unlike Dorian who was not ashamed to leer at Celaena, Chaol always strived to be a gentleman.

She was still wearing that absurdly short nightgown, which slid up her tights as she propped her feet on the edge of the table. He focused on her face.

See? And then there was the way he kept supporting her. How he was there for her every bit of the way, how he reached for her as further as he could during the final fight, giving her the hope she needed.

I also noticed how Sarah J. Maas masterfully showed the development of their relationship. The book begins with Chaol gripping Celaena’s arm as he dragged her along a corridor. In the very end they are walking together, her arm linked in his. Cunning or what?

absolutely recommend Throne of Glass and I can’t wait to read the next book, Crown of Midnight. However, I do thing that I’ll read The Assassin’s Blade first, which is a collection of novellas happening prior to Throne of Glass (shame Chaol won’t be in them).

Several loose ends where tied up by the end of Throne of Glass but there are still so many questions in my head – that was exactly Sarah J. Maas aim – she reveals just enough information to keep you craving for more. Ahhhh – I can’t wait to read more books in this series!!!

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