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Hi bookworms! Welcome to my weekly meme: Exquisite Wordiness! If you still don’t know what this is all about, here’s a brief introduction: basically, Exquisite Wordiness is a “Word of the Week” kind of post, but every month there will be a sort of theme and all the words most be related to it.

October’s theme is “I’m afraid that…“. No, not the polite expressions British people use for everything. I don’t mean “I’m afraid that it’s past my bedtime” or “I’m afraid that we ran out of shortcake”. What I’m talking about is that gelid fear  that penetrates your skin, pollutes your blood, possesses your soul and clouds your judgement. The fear that makes you run faster than what you thought was humanly possible or cements your feet to the ground while the rest of your body quakes. October is the month of Halloween, of all the things dark and mysterious, of FEAR! That is why this month we will be exploring the most quirky and sinister phobias. Are you ride for the ride?

This week’s word is Deipnophobia! I’m sure that today’s post will be of interest to foodies. Check out the definition from The Free Dictionary:

Deipnophobia n. an abnormal fear of dining and dinner conversation

First of all, I have a pertinent question: does this include conversations during lunch time? Cause if it doesn’t then stuff gets a bit weird as it means that maybe you’re a werewolf and you’re simply afraid of dining because you can suddenly transform in the middle of the first course and eat everyone at the table. Okay, maybe that was stretching it a bit too far.

I do get this fear of dinning conversations (not the “fear of dining” thing as that just seems that you are afraid of eating during the evening). I think that Deipnophobia has more to do with the fear of eating in front of other people and of being stuck with someone in a table for more than an hour unable to get away from those uncomfortable conversations. I’m pretty sure that meeting your future father and mother-in-law can be quite traumatising, especially during a dinner. They’ll ask you all sort of things such as what your parents do, what do you plan to do in the future, do you thing that that job will give you a good income, why are you wasting your time as a book blogger? I can already imagine myself choking on a grain of rice.

Then there is also the issue of being really clumsy when eating. I shall divulge you one of my secrets –  I’m a disaster at eating spaghetti! I see these people in restaurants looking like real pros as they masterfully coil the pasta around their fork without even looking at it, without spilling a bit of sauce. Me? I’m that troll in the table at the corner stuffing spaghetti into my mouth using a fork and a knife at the same time while I splash sauce all over my shirt. Okay, I’m not that bad, but I do have some difficulty. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one – they should have intensive courses on the art of eating spaghetti.  Why was I blabbering about pasta? Oh, yes, because if I was going to dine with someone I would definitely avoid the pasta. That is indubitably a reason to be afraid of dining – who wants to look like a ravenous troll in a fancy restaurant?

Nevertheless, Deipnophobia can be related to other intriguing phobias such as:
  • Alliumphobia: fear of garlic
    • This is highly relatable. Who isn’t scared of smelling like garlic for the rest of the day. If you see a piece of garlic in your plate then run! It is definitely a reason to be afraid of dining. Things get a lot more serious if you’re a vampire –  then you should avoid dinner at all costs!
  • Koutaliophobia: fear of spoons
    • Oh no! A spoon! Knives can cut you, forks can pierce you, but spoons? Come on, how do you eat soup, with a fork?
  • Allodoxaphobia: fear of opinions
    • Dinner conversations are certainly the time where more opinions are shared. Maybe I’m being too stereotypical but great-aunts and mothers-in-law are especially found of exposing their sarcastic opinions about every family member while they delight themselves in some stuffed turkey.

In your opinion, what’s the worst thing about dinner conversations? Well, we shouldn’t be so pessimistic. There are also great things about dinner conversations which you can share down below ⇟⇟

Watch your step, or you may fall down the reading hole!

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