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In Larry’s Name, Amen

in-larrys-nameAuthor: Steve Marshall

Pages: 172 (Ebook)

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Release Date: September 13, 2016

Source: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion towards the book.

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Larry was simply an accountant  from California. That was until he ran someone over with his car. When a messenger from God took over the body of the dead jogger, Larry received the most astonishing revelation of his uneventful life. Yes, Larry was an accountant, an accountant who also happened to be the Son of God reborn to stop the Apocalypse. What Larry first believed to be a hallucination soon turned into a dangerous reality that he could no longer run away from. Yes, Larry, or Jesus, had a destiny to fulfil, but so did the Antichrist and only one could be victorious.

In Larry’s Name, Amen is a christian novella by Steve Marshall with lots of humour. I know that one isn’t usually accustomed to imagine God or angels telling jokes or swearing, but it is an interesting way of looking at religion. It did require a bit of getting used to, but I also believe that we shouldn’t always see religion as something so solemn, but as something that makes us smile and feel happy. This book also had a lot of interesting, unexpected twists, although some of them did turn out to be a bit of an anti-climax – like when you were so sure a man was the Antichrist but, in fact, he was just a PR. I was like: “Oh, you got me there. I certainly wasn’t expecting that!”.

I did, however, think that the characters could have been more well developed. For example: Larry’s wife has been married to him for 12 years but when he asks her to sit down because he has something important to tell her, she assumes straight away that he has met another woman and is going to leave her. She also doesn’t take long to suggest that he’s gay. Shouldn’t see trust him a bit more after all these years? I was also a bit surprised when an elegant, gaunt, PR man exchanged fist bumps with a surfer. Do they usually do that? I also think that the battle scene could have been a bit more developed – it all just seemed a bit too quick. Well, I usually always think that things get resolved too fast so maybe the problem is in me. I also understand that Jesus would have wanted to end Apocalypse as fast as possible and with the least amount of fighting and casualties as possible so maybe that explains why it was so quick. There where also a few typos along the text, but nothing that deteriorated the reading experience.

In Larry’s Name, Amen is a quick read and an entertaining book to read with several references to known movies and celebrities – makes it feel a lot more real – that takes the accounts of the New Testament and the Apocalypse to create a modern-day version of Jesus. I especially enjoyed the way Steve used this fight between good and bad to create an alternate reality to the world we live in – a world where evil is spreading slowly and where people seem to be forgetting their faith. The victory of Jesus seemed to clear all that away and provided Humanity with a fresh start.

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